Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time, and we take our commitment to help and protect our environment very seriously.
sustainability at The Mariner, Westport

At The Mariner, we are making considerable investments and efforts towards becoming more sustainable.  We are working hard to decrease our environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the services we offer.  We are passionate about energy conservation, water conservation, recycling and waste reduction and the elimination of plastic products throughout our hotel.

In our food preparation, we are committed to sourcing – where possible – local, artisan food and using only the freshest local, seasonal produce throughout our menus.

And, within our guest bathrooms, complimentary toiletries are sensitive to the environment, vegan friendly, fully biodegradable and presented in 68% CO2-saving recycled packaging.

Our fantastic staff are key to our success in delivering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly service.  Their invaluable input, insight and engagement is at the core of our achievements to date.


The Mariner Westport proudly follows the GREEN principles of THE 5 C’S:

  • Carbon Footprint – monitoring to reduce our carbon emissions through waste reduction and the use of green energy.
  • Conservation – to save for later use and to protect the environment.
  • Co-operation – adopting the policies and embracing change.
  • Commitment – to manage and reduce the consumption of goods, energy, and unsustainable products.
  • Community – to work together sharing a common understanding.


  • Hazardous waste is safely handled and disposed of.
  • Used lightbulbs are recycled.
  • Recycling bins for 4 types of waste are available within our hotel – glass, paper, plastic and organic.
  • Single use plastic stirrers are not used.
  • Single use plastic straws are not used.
  • Single use plastic water bottles are not used.
  • Single use plastic bottles are not used.
  • Single use plastic cups are not used.
  • Single use plastic cutlery/plates are not used.
  • A food waste policy is in place that includes food waste prevention, reduction, recycling, and disposal.
  • A recycling bin is provided in each guest room.
  • Collection point for guests’ used batteries for recycling.

Water Conservation:

  • A water dispenser is available for all guests to use.
  • All taps in our hotel are water efficient.
  • We provide sensor hand washing taps in all public restrooms.
  • We only use water efficient toilets.
  • Our showers and showerheads are water efficient.
  • Our toilets include a half flush option.
  • Guests have the option to reuse towels.
  • We do not routinely service guest rooms during short stays.

Energy Conservation:

  • All thermostats are programmed to conserve energy when rooms are not in use.
  • Key card activated power in all guest rooms.
  • Where possible, food provided within our hotel is locally sourced.
  • All lighting throughout our hotel uses energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Sensors installed in public corridors to ensure lights are not on longer than needed.
  • Our lifts have a ‘stand-by’ mode.
  • All windows are double-glazed.
  • Our hotel makes every effort to reduce food waste.
  • All towels and linens are washed at a maximum of 60C/140F.
  • Energy consumption has been reduced by at least 5% this year compared to last year.
  • Vegan & Vegetarian options are offered on our menu.

Destination and Community:

  • Local artists are offered a platform to display their talents
  • Guests are provided with information about local ecosystems, history, culture, and visitor etiquette.
  • We offer tours and activities organised by local guides and businesses.
  • We proudly sponsor local events, raffles, and good causes within the local community.

Our People:

  • Paperless procedures are in place at the front desk and in the back office.
  • All our employees follow our ‘Think Before You Print’ policy.
  • We provide e-mail confirmation, invoices, and correspondence to our guests.
  • Promotion of our ‘green’ credentials through our social media channels.
  • We practice responsible marketing using ezines and social media channels.
  • Health & Safety training is provided to employees.
  • Our Health & Safety Officer regularly walks throughout the hotel to identify and help reduce waste where possible.
  • Employee wages are monitored, reviewed, and offered in line with or above average minimum wage on the national living wage.
  • Team members are encouraged to avail of the ‘bike to work’ scheme.


  • Wild (non-domesticated) animals are not displayed or interacted with while kept at the property, nor are they harvested, consumed, or sold.

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